Chakat Skystryder

Just a NSFW chakat doing chakat things.

That spreading feeling.

I like the idea of someone waking up and feeling damp between their legs. Reaching down they'd find the cock and sac they'd been sporting since as long as they could remember was gone. Now there are folds.

The folds are soft, damp, they feel good to rub. You startle more awake and with your other hand (your cunt feels too good to remove the hand that's already there) you check for breasts. You're still flat-chested, that's good, but there's definitely a cunt down there.

It feels so good to rub, and so empty there. You're already wondering of how good it would be to have a cock in you when you notice you're not in your own bed. You followed me home, the pretty and flirty chakat that got you nice and drunk and teased you with glimpses of hir cunt. You remember following me home and being tired, so I'd said we'd both sleep and work on breeding in the morning.

You moan, and I stir, reaching over and following your hand down with my paw, rubbing over your lips. “Good morning”

“What did you do to me?” you ask.

“Well, I'm in rutt right now. The milk you drank last night probably encouraged a nice deep heat.”

You rub and spread your legs, showing off your damp cunt. “h-heat?”

Hey all, going to share some chakat thoughts here. Chakats, if you don’t know already, aren’t afraid to talk about sexual things so this blog is likely to also be pretty explicit in nature. You’re warned!